Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We welcome Hannah to our Wednesday/Friday class!

Our new class theme is Castle.  We are reading the book, King Bidgood's in the Bathtub.  Our dramatic play center has transformed into a castle with dress up clothes!  Look for photos soon. 

Picture Day is coming up on March 26th and March 27th. 

Do you cook with your preschooler?  I know for myself I am always rushing to get dinner on the table for my family but on the weekends I try to incorporate the help of my 4 year old.  Below you will see some info on cooking with preschoolers.  It's a great way to build upon math and language skills.

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Cooking With Preschoolers
Cooking can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. And the experience of creating meals with you can help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.
It may take a little flexibility and some simple prep work, but with the right expectations, your time in the kitchen with your preschooler can be a culinary adventure you'll both enjoy.

How Cooking Can Help Preschoolers

Bringing kids into the kitchen can benefit them in a number of ways.
 Cooking can help:

Build basic skills. You can help your child hone basic math skills by
 doing something as simple as counting eggs or pouring water into a measuring cup.
You can ask what comes first, second, and third or count together as you spoon
 dough onto a cookie sheet. When you read a recipe together, you're introducing
 new words to your child's vocabulary and promoting literacy. Following steps
 in the recipe can work on listening skills.

Encourage an adventurous palate. Preschoolers are notoriously
picky eaters, and bringing them into the kitchen to cook can help get
 them to open up to new tastes. When your 3-year-old daughter plays
chef she might sample dishes she wouldn't try if you just served them
 to her. So encourage kids to taste new ingredients you're working
with and talk about what they like and how healthy foods make a body grow.

Help young kids explore with their senses. Kids learn by exploring
 with their senses and the kitchen is an ideal place to do that. Invite them
 to listen to the whir of the mixer, pound dough and watch it rise, smell
it baking in the oven, and finally taste the warm bread fresh from the
oven. If it smells good, looks appealing, and is easy to eat they may
 just be willing to try it!

Boost confidence. Preschoolers love to show what they can do
 and working in the kitchen provides opportunities to gain a sense
of accomplishment. If they helped assemble the pizza, let them know
 that their help was important. You could name the pizza or another
dish after your child. Serve "Will's Pizza" or "Ella's Salad" for dinner
tonight. Even if the end results are not exactly what you expected,
praise their efforts.
Ideal Jobs for Preschoolers in the Kitchen
A few tasks in the kitchen are particularly well-suited to kids ages 3 to 5.
The key is to give them "jobs" that meet their skill level and are something
they enjoy. So if your child loves to pound, bring out the bread dough and
let your preschooler pound away.
Here are some other ways kids can help:
*       stirring pancake batter
*       tearing lettuce for salad
*       adding ingredients
*       assembling a pizza
*       helping you "read" a cookbook by turning the pages
Getting Started
From riding a tricycle to getting dressed, preschoolers are learning how
 much they can do all by themselves.
So look for a few cooking-related activities that your child can successfully  
complete independently or with a minimum of involvement from you. Simple
tasks like pouring liquid into the bowl, sprinkling cheese on top of the casserole,
or using cookie cutters are a good fit for most preschoolers.
Don't plan an elaborate project — 5 to 10 minutes might be all your child
wants to spend on an activity. Start small and keep it fun.
As kids grow, they will develop the skills, attention span, and interest to
do bigger cooking jobs, like squeezing the juice out of a lemon, measuring
 ingredients into cups and spoons, and beating eggs or mashing potatoes.
Preschoolers will also enjoy learning with you. For safety reasons,
you should be in the kitchen with them at all times, supervising and
monitoring progress.
Spending time in the kitchen with your kids can foster an interest in food
and cooking that will last for life.Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD
Date reviewed: July 2011
Note: All information on KidsHealth® is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor.
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Through art we explored the science of movement. The students partner painted using marbles, paint, an old box lid and movement.  They had to work together to roll the marbles from side to side to create a colorful piece of art.  It was a huge success. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Changes for 2014-15 School Year

Check out the changes for next school year.  Preschool will change to 4 half days (either morning or afternoon session).  If your child is going to Kindergarten next year he or she will be in half day everyday instead of all day every other day.  Things are looking good for West Clermont!  If your child is in preschool again next year I will be polling you soon to find out which session you prefer.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


I don't know about you but I sure am hoping that this winter storm that is supposed to hit us soon just doesn't happen. 

By now you have received a flyer about spirit week.  Preschool is participating.  Please don't let me be the only one wearing pajamas on Tuesday! 

Have you heard about this forum?  It looks informative!  Hopefully I'll see some of you there.

Kindergarten Registration-

Very soon I'll be contacting you (if I haven't already) about next school year. 

Pets at the Vet

We are learning all about pets right now.  Most students have prior knowledge about pets so it's great to build upon their knowledge with new and fun activities.  Check out some photos from last week.  Our dramatic play center is a Veterinarian Office.

Snow day!

Thank you to everyone who sent in coats, hats, boots etc... for our snow day fun with the Wednesday/Friday class.  Unfortunately the snow melted away for the Thursday class.  Here are some photos from our fun in the snow.  It was like one big sensory table!