Friday, February 24, 2012


Hi Everyone,
Things have been carrying on well in preschool.  We've been busy with our post office theme.  Some of you may have received letters your child has written and mailed from school. 

As we look ahead we will be learning all about pets.  As a preschool teacher I try to incorporate all content standards by taking the lead of the children when it comes to their interests.  Since we have had "cats and dogs" roaming the room being led by mail carriers I felt it was only natural to transition into pets.  Starting Tuesday our dramatic play center will be a vet office, our sensory table will have birdseed, they will paint with feathers, build dog houses, and so on.  Ms. Brandi our student teacher will be completing her lead teaching week next week during the morning hours meaning she will lead group times and transitions.  The students have responded very well to Ms. Brandi and I look forward to the opportunity to observe and collect data from another perspective.

Kindergarten registration begins soon.  You should have received a paper in your child's folder about it.  If not, please check the district website or contact me and I can get your more information.  Please make sure you mention that your child attended West Clermont preschool when registering.

IEP and ETR meetings are coming up.  For all of the students transitioning to Kindergarten we have or will be contacting you soon to set a date for an IEP and ETR meeting (Individualized Education Program and Evaluation Team Report).   Most of our meeting dates will be on Mondays due to the fact that we do not have students on that day.

Field Trip:  We are awaiting approval from the district office with regards to our field trip to the Duke Energy Children's Museum.  Most likely the field trip will occur in April!  Clough PTO has already agreed to fund the entire field trip including transportation!  I am so very grateful to them and cannot wait to take the children on one of the most developmentally appropriate field trips you can find in Cincinnati!  Remember that if you think you will be able to chaperone on the field trip to schedule a time with the main office to have your fingerprints done.  Any adult wanting to go who has not been fingerprinted will not be able to go.  Also, because of cost and space siblings will not be able to attend.

Have a Great Weekend!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post Office Fun!

Literacy, literacy and more literacy!  One of my favorite ways to incorporate literacy in our classroom is by doing a unit on the post office.  Reading and writing is incorporated in such a fun way.
Our dramatic play center! 

The post office is such a great resource.  They allow us to use "real" postal envelopes, stickers and stamps.

In our science center students can weigh packages and record the weight.

Our long path game (created by Ms. Brandi).  It's based off the book, A Letter to Amy.

Our writing center.

One of our language charts.  We sing it and use bells as accompanying instruments.

Our other language chart.
One of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors.