Thursday, September 29, 2011

Curriculum and Communication

West Clermont Preschool has adopted the Creative Curriculum for 
Preschool.  This comprehensive curriculum focuses on the development of the 
child covering four main developmental domains; social emotional, physical, 
cognitive, and language development.  In order to best meet the needs of a 
developing young child, our class is arranged using learning centers.   The 
learning centers foster hands on learning, pro-social behavior, problem 
solving, etc…  The learning centers include; dramatic play, science, music, 
writing, art, manipulatives, sensory, computer, blocks, math and books.  
Daily we have a special activity usually consisting of an art 
activity/experience.   When designing the learning centers and choosing 
materials the classroom teacher uses the Pre-K Ohio Content Standards.  Along 
with the learning centers (center time), children participate in two large 
group times and a snack language experience.  During group time children have 
the opportunity to engage in movement activities, sing along with songs, read 
language charts, listen to stories, answer questions etc…  
               As a teacher of young children, I strongly believe in communication 
between families and the preschool team.  You as parents are experts about 
your child and with healthy communication between home and school, your child 
will have the best opportunity to learn.  Parents are the key to success; 
therefore I am always open to phone calls, emails, conferences, and notes.  A 
preschool newsletter is provided from the teacher and a communication 
notebook is kept in your child’s backpack.  The communication notebook serves 
as a tool for quick notes from home to school and visa versa.  Parents are 
invited to participate in various ways in and out of the preschool 

What, where and who?

Willowville preschool is currently located at Clough Pike Elementary in room 
101.  We have two preschool sessions, an a.m. and a p.m.  Currently our 
classes run two days a week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.   We have a Tuesday/Thursday 
group and a Wednesday/Friday group.  Children who are 
served with an individualized education plan (IEP) are eligible for bus 
transportation.  Each preschool class consists of 12 students ages 3-5.  
Eight of the twelve students in our preschool program are served with IEP’s, 
meaning they may have a special need.  Four out of the twelve students are 
considered typically developing and appropriate role models.  Students are 
encouraged to learn from each other and the class is designed to meet the 
needs of children with and without special needs in a variety of ways.  
We work as a team in our preschool class.  Not only will your child have a 
preschool teacher, he or she will have an assistant teacher.  The preschool 
teacher paraprofessional (assistant teacher) is a valuable and integral 
member of the teaching team.  Also, once a week a speech and language 
pathologist and an occupational therapist work with the students in the 
preschool class.